Goode Pledges to Fight the PFD Raid

Pam pledges the following:

  1. Pam supports Senator Bill Wielechowski’s lawsuit to compel the Permanent Fund Corporation to fund the other half of your PFD as provided by Alaska State Law and believes that the Governor’s veto was inappropriate and contrary to Statute.
  2. Pam supports and will sponsor/co-sponsor a companion bill in the House originally proposed by Senator Mike Dunleavy to fund the other ½ of the PFD that was taken from you.
  3. The Governor will undoubtedly reintroduce his latest version of SB128, the bill to permanently re-plumb the PFD that was narrowly stopped last session. Pam will work tirelessly during the next legislative session to fight the PERMANENT re-plumbing of the dividend as proposed by the Governor, GCI and other lobby groups who are trying to get your money.

Fight the PFD Raid!

In 2014… Pam Goode warned us of the impending fiscal meltdown and told us that “Alaska must adhere to a sustainable budget now and live within its means.”  She also warned us that they would be coming after your PFD and that they wanted to impose and income tax and sales tax.

Now it is 2016.  The fiscal crisis has come home to roost, and our PFD has been raided.  If we don’t fight now, an income tax will follow, along with further economic hardship for Alaskans.

Then, as well as now, Pam Goode promotes the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER)/Dr Scott Goldsmith Economic Model that produces a sustainable budget TARGET that, if met, allows us to claw our way out of this financial mess without an income tax, sales tax or slice off your PFD.  For more information about the ISER model, read below or download this report.

Pam Goode is the only candidate for House 9 that understands Alaska’s fiscal issues, and the only candidate who has been consistently fighting the reckless policies and corruption coming out of Juneau.