Pam Goode is the ONLY candidate passionate about the protection of the unorganized borough.

She is the champion for private property rights and ownership. Her message is continual, constant, clear, educational, and unwavering. She knows what she is talking about.

Private property ownership is the essence of liberty and is to be protected at all times from generation to generation. The conversation must be active and the message must be clear to all those watching and listening.

If you drive through Delta Junction, you will see “No Borough” bumper stickers on cars. These are not old ones; these are new ones.

Many individual, leaders, and elected officials are ignorant of the workings and history of the unorganized borough in the Deltana area and how the funding works. They have no idea of the personal responsibilities these people take on to stay free. Few ever complain.

The unorganized borough that the pipeline runs through is the Delta Junction area to North of Valdez city limits. This area has been a cash generator for the state since the pipeline began and still is today. The amount of money the state spends on these areas is far less than what the state receives from the pipeline.

The school systems in these areas must live within the funding provided by the state. They cannot take out a multi-million dollar bond and have the state automatically pick up 70%. They cannot go to the borough assembly and ask for more funding or request a property tax hike to increase school funding. They can conduct fundraisers, which is often done. Local business can also donate to the school district, which is also done.

The last fight against the state took place in 2007, when over 90% of the voters said “NO” to an organized borough!