Education is a critical component to every civilization and should be one of the highest priorities from one generation to the other. Liberty and freedom is inherited and generational. Constitutional education, historical perspective and knowledge are essential for people to remain free, and for the American culture to live on. These studies should be paramount in our public schools and a part of the daily dialogue.

Communities, State Governments, and even the Federal Government, are currently involved and all play a role in education. Nowhere in the United States Constitution does it give power to the Federal Government to have involvement in education.  In fact, according to the 10th amendment of the United States Constitution, this power is reserved to the States – and Article 7, Section 1 of the Alaska Constitution says…

The legislature shall by general law establish and maintain a system of public schools open to all children of the State…

It is the State legislature that is responsible for providing a public educational system in Alaska, but it is the Parents that are exclusively responsible for the lives of their children and this includes their education. The State/School District should have no jurisdiction over your child.

Home schooling and charter schools are on the rise in Alaska and around the country. This indicates that parents are finding the status quo of public education unacceptable. They are increasingly developing and demanding other affordable options to educate their own children.

I support choice in education. Human beings are unique in design and not a common collective unit – and neither should be the education system that guides and influences the children’s lives and minds. No one knows a child better than their parents, and it is the parent that will choose what is best for their child. Therefore, options are essential, and so is an environment that best reflects the principles and values of the parents and children.

Schools are about teaching and educating; therefore, teachers are extremely important and an education system that allows the most gifted, skilled, talented and creative teachers to thrive is one to be desired and sought after. Our system should challenge and encourage both the students and teachers to reach their highest potential. This is the path and direction the education system in Alaska needs to take.