Common Core is the nationalizing of our education system and the removal of local control.  This is unconstitutional.

The complete structure of Common Core is not fully in place. It is being delivered and implemented slowly and gradually by design. I have been standing against Common Core in Alaska, and our local school district (Delta/Greely, REAA 15), for well over a year and I continue today.

Within the past year, more and more information has come out in the news about the concerns and dangers of Common Core. Other states are opting out and slowly distancing themselves, while trying not to disrupt the federal funding that seems to hold many states hostage.

The greatest offense is the data collecting being done on the children. It’s called the P-20W database, which represents ‘Pre-kindergarten through post-secondary education (20), and Workforce’ (see the image at bottom of the page). Funded in part by a $4 million grant from the U.S. Institute of Education Sciences, the P-20W SLDS will provide new insights into Alaska’s educational pipeline while brazenly violating Alaska Constitution Article 1, Section 22 – our right to privacy.

Anti-Common Core activism during the 2014 legislative session led to the removal of Alaska from the Smarter Balance Consortium. We need to go further, and evict Common Core from our state all together. Please get involved and help make this happen. For more information on Common Core in Alaska, please visit

Also, here is a simple article about Common Core that I wrote last year, published in the Delta Wind Newspaper. Please take the time to read it. And again, Alaska was removed from the Smarter Balance Consortium, after this article was written.  Thanks to all those activists that made this happen!

Let’s finish the job and End Common Core!!!



How the P-20W SLDS Database program has evolved, Fiscal Year 2006-2009