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About Pam Goode.

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Pamela (Pam) Goode is a resident of Delta Junction and is running for Alaska State House in District 9 as a the Constitutional candidate.

She will work to promote…

  • Individual Liberty and Personal Responsibility
  • Sustainable Budget and Fiscal Responsibility
  • Constitutional Education and Knowledge (Original Intent)
  • School Choice

Goode will fervently defend…

  • Private Property Rights
  • Privacy Rights
  • Right to Life (including the elderly!)
  • 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Unorganized Boroughs

And she will consistently fight…

  • Federal Overreach
  • State Overreach (including the PFD Raid!)
  • Common Core

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Goode Pledges to Fight the PFD Raid

Pam pledges the following: Pam supports Senator Bill Wielechowski’s lawsuit to compel the Permanent Fund Corporation to fund the other half of your PFD as provided by Alaska State Law and believes that the Governor’s veto was inappropriate and contrary to...

Fight the PFD Raid!

In 2014… Pam Goode warned us of the impending fiscal meltdown and told us that “Alaska must adhere to a sustainable budget now and live within its means.”  She also warned us that they would be coming after your PFD and that they wanted to impose and income tax...

What is a Sustainable Budget?

A sustainable budget is the ability of a government to sustain its current spending, tax and other policies in the long run without threatening government solvency or defaulting on some of its liabilities or promised expenditures. Traditionally, all governments and...

The ‘No Borough’ Champion

Pam Goode is the ONLY candidate passionate about the protection of the unorganized borough. She is the champion for private property rights and ownership. Her message is continual, constant, clear, educational, and unwavering. She knows what she is talking about....

Goode on Guns

Alaska is one of the few states where citizens can carry firearm concealed or open carry without a license. This is the way it is supposed to be, and how it should stay. I oppose “no gun areas,” and feel they are target zones for the bad guys.  I also oppose gun...

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Alaskans are waking up, and realizing how the 2-party system has failed us.  We are all in this fight together, and I am honored to fight beside you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, and…

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